The Team

tom giglio awningsTom Giglio – Owner

Tom has been selling and installing awnings in New Jersey for over 30 years. Outside of his awning work, this small business entrepreneur and Master of Social Work has traveled to Nicaragua, Haiti, South Korea and places in between doing humanitarian work. Tom is also an ordained pastor, so watch out what you say or do around him to avoid any psychoanalysis or a locust infestation.

Favorite TV shows: 24, Blue Bloods
Favorite Movies: Dumb and Dumber, A Few Good Men
Favorite Music: Golden Oldies



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Jeanne Giglio – Owner

As a customer, is it unlikely that you’ll ever see or hear from Jeanne unless you don’t pay your bill, then she might just show up at      your home.  Other than being a mother to 5 boys, Jeanne has been our back bone as it pertains to business and family.  As a hobby Jeanne takes in stray cats… She currently has 6 “kids”.

Favorite TV shows: General Hospital,  Alias
Favorite Movies: Girl Interrupted,  As Good As It Gets
Favorite Music: Jack Johnson, Train



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Jonathan Giglio – Director of Operations

Not one to mince words, Jonny once told a customer that “Someone must have snuck into your backyard and cut the power cord  because if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t us than what else could it be?”  Besides running things with an iron first, Jonathan can whip you up a cheesecake or chicken piccata with little effort.

Favorite TV shows: The Newsroom, Scandal
Favorite Movies: The Associate, Jumanji
Favorite Music: SiriusXM The Highway & Hits1



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Timothy Giglio – Sales

Timothy is good at mostly everything.  Basketball – Good, Tennis – Good, Ping Pong – Good, Mud Wrestling – Good. He was ranked 7th in the region for Surfing.  He runs and goes to the gym.  Other than being super athletic he has been known to eat his weight in chicken wings and may or may not know a thing or two about San Diego nightlife.

Favorite TV shows: Nashville, Whale Wars
Favorite Movies: Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse, Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Favorite Music: ’90s-’00s punk


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Daniel Giglio – Installations

An expert at talking, you never want to get into a conversation with Daniel unless you have at least an hour to spare.  Occasionally (all the time) Dan gets mistaken for his father, ask him about it.  He makes a famous red sauce, is quite handy and knows almost everything about any TV movie ever.

Favorite TV shows: Anything on TV
Favorite Movies: Armageddon, Avatar
Favorite Music: Local bands


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